Bad break up. How to fix it?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. Even though i saw it coming, i was suprised/disappointed of how cold he was during that phone call. ( we were in a LDR). Up until a month this guy wouldn't let me go no matter what, saying he doesn't want to loose me and how he can't live without me, and a week ago he is completely heartless. I was patient until he said something painful to hear, at that point i was so shocked from the way he feels about me and i said "you know what? I'm done. I desereve better then this. You will regret it. Maybe you're not seeing it now but you will in the future" and he said "OK..." and then i continued "I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you will find what you are looking for. Good luck". I regret my first words because i think it majes me look crazy saying stuff like that and he won't regret it now that i acted insane. Didn't talk to him for a week, but i want text him so bad, and make a proper goodbye, one that would maybe make him miss me and then going no contact. Your thoughts?


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  • It's a bad idea to text that person to change the way he feels about you or trying to push him to miss you.

    your reaction was short and good, so don't blame yourself for what you didn't say cuz I'm sure he'll regret later.

    It's your choice whether you want to text him or not, but remember that life isn't about pleasing everyone.

    If you fix yourself first, you'll know how to fix the rest.
    Good luck...

  • You do realize we need a whole picture to proceed, right? What did he say?

    LDR doesn't usualy work. Not in most cases anyway. And it looks like you both contributed to breakup, him voluntarily and you inadvertently due to heartbreak. Things are beyond repair now. You shouldn't think about how to fix it.

  • I think it's too late for a fixing at this point.


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