Why does this keep happening?

So my self-esteem has taken a bit of a blow as the last two women I've dated for any length of time both left me for another guy out of the blue.

1.) Dated for 18 months. Dumped me one week after we went on vacation. Treated me like crap when we ran into each other two months later. Found out she left me for someone else and lied about it.

2.) Went out for two months. Ghosted out of the blue. I contacted her two weeks later just to say "sup?" and she seemed ticked, like it was me who played the disappearing act. Come to find out she's seeing someone she met a few days before she ghosted.

Some primers - both girls are actresses and both are pretty close to being misandrists/man-haters (the latter even brags about it on social media).

Neither relationship was one I was crazy about - I'm more upset about the way I was treated. Who does this?


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