No compassion, or expecting too much? When I lost my family and home, she forced me out of my home, and to lose what family I had left?

We got pregnant early in the relationship, and moved to her home town to be closer to her family.

Through out the pregnancy she was very mean. I explained it away as hormones, and her being uncomfortable. Not saying I'm perfect, I struggled with the move, having to start over not knowing anyone but her family.

One week before my little guy was due I wrote her a note, saying I wanted us to work through what ever was going on, and asked her help with something. Her response was a letter breaking up with me. I moved to a room upstairs and keep my distance till it was time. When she left for the hospital she didn't want to wake me, thought it would be a false alarm.

Fast forward 6 months, she is staying home with the baby, I'm desperately trying to get a promotion, and taking care of things around the house. The bitterness had worn off and we were friends, working together to raise the little one. Nothing close to intemete between us, just friends.

I get a call my mom is in the hospital. We go down there, and I spend two days deciding to turn off the machines and ending, her suffering. Three hours after I get back from the hospital after she passed, my sons mom goes to lunch with friends. Came back for about a hour so her friend could see the baby, other than that gone. And I believe she had hickeys she was trying to hide.

We had fought about that, much more violently than we ever had. (Not physical at all) I was so angry that she would do that... Fast forward to a couple weeks later when I get home, just over a day later she tells me she was asked out, accepted, and he would be coming around. And three days later I get home to him had stayed the night... I freaked out and left.

Treating me like shit for so long...
Walking out hours after my mom passed...
Even after knowing how much it hurt me she did worse...

Am I the only person in this world that thinks what she did was as cold hearted as it comes?

Am I being dumb? Please someone tell me the truth!-!


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  • She sounds terrible, the only reason you should even give her the time of day is for your kid. I think if she was that insensitive when your mom died you need to try and find an apartment or house and separate yourself from her completely and give yourself time to grieve without her being there making it worse. Try to work out the time you get with your kid amongst the two of you because the last thing you need now is a custody battle. Speak to her about this with patience and be calm because if your not nice about it she will just get mad and want a custody battle

    • I have moved in with her uncle. My work schedual is 7 days every two weeks, and I have him nearly all my days off.

      I have all the custody paper work filled out, thought we should agree on everything before I file so we don't have to deal with going to court?

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    • I know he has. I can't look at her, don't even talk to her other than messages. Bust we have kept everything with him civil and been working with each other on scheduling.

      She still acts as though its no big deal?

    • If she is just acting as if its no big deal then she either is putting up a front for your kid which she doesn't sound nice enough to do that so she probably just doesn't care and you really should just forget about her because this is a huge deal and if she can't see that then she is to stupid to understand and let alone have a child

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