My boyfriend pushed me?

My boyfriend of almost 2 years has been the sweetest person ever. I love and care about him a lot.

We have the occasional fight ever now and then, but things usually get resolved.

However, yesterday i was on top of him, laying on the couch, when we started to get into a fight. He ended up pushing me off of him. It wasn't hard but i was shocked. And i fell kind of funny. I hit my knee. He apologized, but was still angry and he just didn't seem to think he did anything wrong.

Today my knee is swollen and hurts a lot. And my boyfriend came over and felt horrible. he's like i never meant to hurt you. I just wanted you off of me. He kept saying how he was the worst boyfriend ever and that he abused me and how he was incredibly sorry. He kept talking about how i should feel safe with him and mentioned that he loves me a lot.

I dont know how to feel right now. I always told myself if a boyfriend ever hit me i would leave him. Bu im so confused because I love him so much and i feel like he didn't mean to hurt me.

Advice? he's never done something like this before
My boyfriend pushed me?
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