How Long Should I Wait Before Going For Him?

I'm friends with this guy who I have feelings for. Unfortunately, he told me he likes someone else, and although it hurt to hear, I supported him in his endeavours to get her as I want him to be happy most of all.

However, she rejected him and now I see a chance to go for him myself. But I don't want to go for him right after he was rejected- I know it would ultimately either lead to me being a rebound or him rejecting me as well as he's not over her. How long should I wait before making a move?


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  • I'd give him at least a couple of months. In the meantime be a supportive friend and if he happens to get a one night stand in then that might not be a bad thing. At least once he's got the other girl out of his system he'll be more ready to consider you.

    • Good point, thanks :)

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  • Whenever you're confident that your approach will be successful.


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  • He already knows that you like him. I dont think you should go for him again. From his POV, he will feel like you are asking him out because you think he struck out with other girl.

    If he is interested, he has to make a move. Since you have already played your part.

    • He doesn't know that I like him

    • Oh okay. I thought you asked him out and then he told he likes someone else.

      In that case, start spending more time with him, and start doing more activities together. When you feel he is no longer sad about his rejection, you can make a move.

    • I'll do that, thanks for the advice

  • On a scale 1-10 how much do you like him?

    • 10, unfortunately

    • then I would ask him asap because he might get somebody else if you dont

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