Why is he acting this way?

well me and my ex been breaking up and getting back together and he been saying that we gone hand out all the time and all that stuff so that it will seem like we are in a relationship and everything but we break up because he's not showing me and improvements sometimes I feel as if he doesn't want me anymore because our relationship is not improving but he keeps saying he want to be with me.he cums to my house to see me and goes to the store for me and everything. so last month he texted me and told me that he thinks of me most of the time then he says he been in a relationship before so he don't want to get that close to a female but when I need him to do something he does it but this moth when I needed his advice because I got into trouble with my mother and I needed him and he wasn't their and he hasn't texted me or nothing since then but I really wanna be with him but I don't know what to do anymore please help!


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  • Sounds like the guy felt he was becoming to involved with you and doesn't want you to be reliant on him for things all the time. He may want you to stand on your own to feet, while he takes a back seat. As by the sound of it, your relationship appears complicated, you breaking up and getting back together again, so it is not running smoothly.

    He may just be taking time out from things and letting you get on with it. Don't contact him. Wait till he does. Just give him a week or so and see what happens.


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