Is my ex really over me like he said he is?

We dated for 9 months. Talked everyday for 11 months. He always initiate contact.
Ex dumped me because of arguments and feeling unloved.
Blocked ex, he came back crawling asking to be friends.
Arguments again. Blocked him again, he made a fake account to talk to me.
we made up again but arguments again and this time he walked away 2 weeks ago. he said he loves me but he cannot take the mistreatment and the reason why he kept coming back because he wanted me to change. and he is not taking it anymore but told me to feel free to message him anytime and that i will always hold a special place in his heart. he has stopped initiating contact since. I reached out to him checking up on him and asked him why he hasn't been texting me. He's like to protect his mind and he's happy to talk to me, he loves talking to me, misses me and thinks of my beautiful face all the time but he doesn't want me to be mean to him hence no initiation. I asked him if he over me. He said he's over the meanness.
Few days later, I texted him checking up on him and I called him. He texted back an hour later saying he was in a meeting and did not see the call. He called me back and asked me what do I want? I asked him if he is over me, yes or no? He's like TBH I am working on it, I said, YES OR NO. He's like yes. Then I said ok, that's all I needed to know and said thanks and goodbye. A few days later, I texted him using my email address on Imessage by saying Hey Nickname! He replied saying Hey is this who
I think it is? I said I don't know who do u think it is? We both laughed and he's like MY NICKNAME? I said who's that? We joked around but I never admitted it was me even though he thinks it's me. He said to not tell my friend who texted him last week he's replying to me and he doesn't see that pretty lade anymore (me) that is why he is having side effects of not grooming himself jokingly. we were still joking around but I replied not immediately. He said alright my favourite wax lady i am so fatiguing


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  • We dated for 9 months. Talked everyday for 11 months.
    for 9 months. for 11 months.
    for 9 . for 11.
    9. 11.
    and no he isn't over you lol

    • how do you know that? why would he say YES he is over me after I asked him if he isn't.

    • Uh I don't care what he says if he still pursues you he is into you

    • he texted me last Tuesday and told me he still has feelings for me and he still thinks about me all the time. But tbh I just took his words like grain of salt. I cut the convo short and said bye. He said good night and he said it was nice talking to me again bringing back warm fuzzy feelings for him. But I didn't reply anymore. Since then never heard from him again...

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  • Hard to tell what you should do. Just continue talking maybe.

    • I already stopped myself from reaching out. he might think i am needy and desperate.

  • I don't understand anything after the 2nd update...

    • I sent you the rest of the update.

  • You're fucking up

    • explain please thanks

    • Never have anything to do with an ex. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. This is over permanently and completely and it's obvious to everyone but you. I know what he says but do you believe everything you hear? Move on and stop wasting time on a dead end relationship that'll never go anywhere good

    • Thanks for your brutal honesty.

  • No, he's definitely not.

    • ok. please explain

    • He keeps contacting you over and over again. What he says doesn't matter; the fact that he can't bring himself to cut you off from his life means he's not over you.

    • well he has for 2 weeks after he walked away. unless i initiate contact.

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