If you heard somebody has thought about a ex of there's for 10 years straight, everyday, what do you think they should do?

I have a friend that has thought of the same girl for tem years. About to be 11. he went out with her for like 3 years. thats a total of 14 years this guy been thinking about this girl every every evry day. We say he needs to move on. I think, he thinks he still has a chance. What ya think?


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  • If the other party has moved on, then its routine for your friend to do the same. 14 years is quite a lot of time and might take awhile to move forward.

    • Well one of our friends is married to the family. He states to this guy he needs to let her go but then says things like he thinks she's looking for another him. I seen them both move on but each relationship seems to break. there both around my age and i think he should just let go. I dont speak to her like that. I see her time to time hi bye, small talk you know. They broke up almost 11 years ago.

    • Unresolved feelings can do that.

    • Yeah like a ghost uh. Aight I don't know if thats ever going to happen though. Im pretty sure he sees her from time to time to I don't know though. Thank you.

  • Their's *?

    • Thank you. I can't find a edit button to correct the mistakes. So what do you think about his situation?

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    • He grew from it. He loves her for that as well as many other things. Like acceptance for who he really is.
      I did not connect it to grandparents, I just made an example that you can think of, and love someone throughout life.

    • Yeah your Right

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