Really confused and struggling?

My ex broke up with around 3 weeks ago after telling me he wasn't sure how he felt anymore.
We had been together just over a year, we have had some fantastic times together and just seemed to fit into each other's lives.
he told me I was his world, his rock. He told me he loved me and we made an amazing team and that he's never felt like this about anyone.
All of a sudden out of nowhere he suddenly ends the relationship saying he's not sure he can give me what I deserve and admitted he got scared when my doctor switched me from depo injection to the pill. We had just spent most of the summer together so wondered if maybe it was just to much for him? We spoke last week and he told me he needs some time and space! I want him in my life so much. I really thought he was the man for me and all his family have said the same. Can I win him back and remind him what we had? Please be gentle, I'm not in a good place
Really confused and struggling?
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