What's the best way to break up with someone?


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  • I prefer her to sit me down and just bluntly tell me so I can begin moving on and figure out of I did something wrong.

    • I'd rather tell him what was the main reason of breaking the relationship up. However I do like to admit he's a very genuine and loving person. There's two flaws that are making me doubt it'll be good for me. That's why at the moment I'm feeling very guilty and worried over his potential reaction, I highly doubt he'll take it well

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    • do it at a neutral location, then you can both leave

    • I will indeed. I really appreciate the advice, it's helpful

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  • face to face in a private place where the person delivering the news can leave after. Never do it at your place so they have to leave

    • What do you think I should say? Is there anything in particular I could say that'll make them feel less hurt...

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    • Thank you, I appreciate it

    • no problemo

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