Does my ex want to get back with me?

Three months ago, my ex broke up with me. She said she needed space. I respected it and went straight into no contact. We see each other at the gym a lot.

it seems as if she didn't like the no contact and wanted to be friends I didn't. She played a lot of games with me. When I was not texting her in the beginning of the break up, she would say "guess you're in it for the sex." Then, tried to make me jealous and start hanging out with a friend of mine, throughout this whole break up, she would tease me or be super cold with me.

last time I saw her was on Friday. I was topless at the gym for a brief moment and she said "giving a show for everybody" I replied, "only giving you a show". And walked away. Moments after she chased me and told me I wasn't being nice. After the gym class that we did, I stayed around to do a little extra work. It seemed as if she waited to talk to me but didn't want to wait anymore.


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