Girls, a little help please?

So, it's been almost 6 months since me and my ex broke up. She got a boyfriend not even a month after we broke up but they already broke up as well. During these six months I have never initiated contact with her, she would always start it with me, and at first believe it or not it was to help with her boyfriend problems. Now that they are broken up (and a before they were) she added me back on Instagram, unblocked me, and refriended me on Snapchat. She still is the one that starts the conversation or sometime even randomly or what seems like goes out of her way to message her or talk to me. Girls, what is she trying to accomplish? Does she just miss the friendship or wanna try something more again?


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  • She's trying to get back in your life, probably hoping you will see they broke up and that she is single, in hopes of you getting back with her.


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