How can you get the woman that you are deeply in love with back and to get her to love and trust you back?

we was together for 9 years (would been 12 if we never broke up in highschool) but anyway I cheated on her but didn't get caught but she call the other call cause of a block random call and she piss the girl so she told ok so after that I got a new job where I work out of town sometime after 4 months a new guy was in the picture and I didn't know off or bout him and when I was back in town for a few weeks 1 night I was sleep resting for work and I woke up she was on the phone at 1130 at night when I ask who it was she said it was her mom but I heard a guys voice so I went back to sleep but woke up again and she was sleep so I pick her phone up and look it was a guy who call so since then things was not right we broke up 2 weeks after my birthday because she said I was insecure and caught me going through her stuff looking for something thinking she was cheating on me so what should I do I still love her but I don't know what to do


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  • If you really loved her, you would have never cheated, even if you felt like you didn't get enough, its wrong.

    • I understand that at time we was going through a lot a baby on the way down to 1 car our cut hrs back money was tight n we fought everyday ever bout little things

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