How do I approach tinder since I'm new to being single after being married almost a year and together 6 years?

She left me and I still love her even after she had spouts of infidelity. we hadn't had sex in over 6 months and I could feel the distancing but wanted to work on it. Now I'm newly single and have no clue how to attempt to get laid or anything like that or even how quick or slow to take things... help?


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  • I'm sorry that sucks but sounds like you were too good for her anyway it's better your not with her. for higher chance of getting laid try multiple apps at once P. O. F, Meetme exc. Post some good pictures remember that's important. Sound interesting/intriguing/ not so plain compared to others. Send out messages to whoever your interested in (preferably a lot for the best results) , ask questions, small talk, flirt, humors always good, look in your area, doesn't matter the pace as long as you don't sound creepy or like a douchebag go with whatever flow feels natural


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