Will my fiance come back?

Basically I really hate my fiance's ex girlfriend. They dated 5 years ago and me and him have been on and off for 8 (from age 14-22). He told me he needed to move out a month ago because he needed to find himself as a man and figure our his life and he needed space to do so. So I agreed.

Well I sometimes go through his phone when feeling insecure and last week was the most recent he blew up because I accidentally deleted his stuff on his blackberry while trying to go through it. He said I didn't trust him and that he didn't trust me for going through his phone. So he left me. I only text him once asking if we were going to talk and he said he wasn't going to deal with this or me at this time, that he has no room for people in his life that he doesn't trust and he will contact me when he is good and ready.

So will he eventually come back? I have grown to love this man and he's my best friend. I haven't been texting him or anything. He hasn't been able to find a job in 2 months and has been really stressed. I am just wondering if I gave him an easy way out? and if he will come back?


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  • You went through his phone? That's a real boundary violation.

    He needs, really needs, to grow up.

    Advice? Move on.

    • No I def agree with you on the going through the phone thing. I never really thought it was a boundary violation my mind set was if you have nothing to hide then why do you care if I do or don't. But as look back I can def see how it's a huge no no and it shows how you don't trust a person

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  • You need to give him some time. He probably isn't frustrated with you or your relationship, he's upset that he can't find a job. He just needs to get his life in order before he can invite someone else into it

    • I really do agree with you. We are young and I love him to death. I think the most understanding thing I can do is to just be patient, worry about school and our kids. We both had to grow up fast but I believe woman just mature way faster then men usually. thank you

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