It's been a YEAR ex is still extremely petty why?

My ex-boyfriend and I have to share a workspace. I left for the summer and came back and I saw him when I went into work. His mouth literally dropped when I saw him and he didn't know how to react when he saw me. he's still super petty. won't speak to me, look at me for really long time or look me in the eyes, or avoid me at all cost and it's really unprofessional. Even after year why would he still act like this even though he's the one that broke it off with me? It's getting ridiculous.


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  • It just goes to show how immature he truly is. He hasn't grown up, and from the sounds of it, hasn't learned anything from the relationship he HAD. The one thing you can remind him, should he bring it up, is that the breakup is what HE WANTED.

    If anything, YOU learned what a dipwad he is, after a year of being apart from him. Would you really want to be with him, after you've seen how he's been behaving? I'd consider it a favor that he broke it off.

  • Why would you be concerned about it in the first place. He took off, so let be. It was his loss.
    In life there should be no rear view mirror.
    It was past and gone now.


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