How do I get over him and this sadness?

My friend and I like the same guy. That guy we like is my guy friend and he asked me out cuz i was cool nice and funny. But he didn't tell me he liked me. I ignored that and the next day my friend had a breakdown and freaked out and got furious and cussed at me so i had to break up with him. Then I asked him why he asked me out, he said that I was the person he didn't mind going out with, just to experience it. He then said he will be single for his whole life, which I dont believe. This really crushed me considering I really liked him and he just asked me out because he wanted to try and not because he likes me back. I forgave him since he is my good friend and the guy I like which he already knows about. We now act like nothing happened between us although inside I feel sad. Its also hard considering we have a lot of classes together and we sit across each other in lunch. And we walk together to class. I dont want to not walk with him or avoid him... I honestly don't like my friend being like this considering I would support her if she got asked out by him and not react so so over top emotional. I liked him first too and she knew... Ugh... I am 15 by the way


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  • Find a new guy, there's no reason to cling to this guy.


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  • A guy should never come between your friendship. He asked you out and your friend should have accepted that. If he doesn't want anything more then don't cling to hope of that happening.

    • Nevermind ;(... he didn't actually like me... he was just trying out what it feels like to have a girlfriend (yes I am his first girlfriend) but he likes my friend instead. I just don't get why he asked me instead... I feel kind of used even if he didn't mean to hurt me cause he didn't know how I felt about him even though I told him I liked him before and I guess he thought I meant as friends. It just hurts to see how I liked him and I let him go to my friend who she was dating for about 10 min. I even supported her. 😢 Man these dramas are too muh to handle😓

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