I can't make up my mind?

I'm married and I've got like five or six different girls that want to take me out have a good time with me, but I keep turning down cuz I'm married. My marriage is really crappy I mean I don't get satisfied the way that I think I would and I'm not talking about just sex but should I do it see what happens these girls might treat me a lot better than my wife which is not hard to do...


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  • You're a jack ass. You could always be a MAN and be honest with your current wife, by telling her the marriage is over.. But you cling to her for safety like a scarred little child.. All the while, playing her and playing all the others. GROW A PAIR 😒

    • grow a pair! really for the last 5 years I have cleaned the house done dishes and laundry. I have done all the repairs on the house taking care of my kids and hers with daycare diapers and clothes at the same time of working 2 jobs while she sits at home all day playing on her facebook. we have had sex maybe 50 times in the last 3 years. we have decided on a deviorce but the timing is wrong. I want to know if it actually makes me a jack ass for wanting to have a little fun with some females and in old enough to not mean just sex

    • You are still her husband.. Spare me the sad story 😒

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  • It's your wife's job to satisfy you. If she won't do the heavy lifting, then I'm sure she won't mind other people stepping to do it for her.

    Have fun mate! 👍

    • and that statement right there caused one of our biggest fight we ever had. as my wife it is your job to satisfy my as well as its my job for you...

    • That's exactly right though. If it's not her job then who's job is it? 🤔
      Women from work? Her friends? Your exes job? Where does a husband go for sexual needs?

      Don't let her blue ball you man. You gave her a choice, now it's time for consequences.

    • Of course, but clearly he must be failimg her in someway just as well for her to not be satisfied either... there's a miscommunication thing going on in that relationship as it is common in most.. because apparently they both want a divorce yet remain together,,, it's not once sided... they're failing each other... yet both of you just quickly point the finger assuring it's her fault for not pleasing you, when neither of you even know the reason... that's just awful.

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  • So why don't you talk it out with your wife and come to an agreement or solution... she just might be feeling the same way...

    if you don't want to do that, then just divorce her or split up before getting involved with anyone else... what are you a grown ass child? Act like the adult that you are and do things maturely not stupidly.

    • we have tried to talk it out and have decided that we are not right for each other and need a deviorce. the reasons we have not yet are financial amd the kids. in not playing with her emotions at all its just I don't know how to approach this situation since we are married but have decided on a deviorce

    • So then move out.
      If you're gonna remain under the same roof, you both should reach an agreement in which you're both ok with both of you seeing other people...

  • if your not happy leave your wife then you can go do whatever you want.. don't cheat, have some class!

  • leave her first. cheating is a massive character flaw in you if you do it. be an adult, talk out your displeasure with your wife before complicating yours and other's lives simply because of immature communication skills.

    • but is it really cheating if we have came to the agreement of a divorce buff can't afford it yet?

    • no, that's different if she knows and accepts it.

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