Should I tell her what happened?

Okay, to cut a long story short, i recently broke up with my girlfriend (3 weeks ago).

Throughout our relationship she was worried that I liked another girl who I work with (wanted to sleep with her haha but not in love with that girl) but anyways, after we broke up I have been seeing this girl that I worked with and we have done some sexual things (but not gone all the way) We are not seeing each other anymore though (met about 3times)
I realised my mistake and i asked my ex girlfriend if she wanted to meet and talk in hope of getting back together.
I know that she will ask if I have been seeing my coworker, but should i tell her what happened between us? won't that just destroy any little hope that i have left of getting back with her?


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  • I mean personally, I keep a philosophy of never getting back together with an ex as we broke up for a reason, but if you do want to do that, I think you should be honest and tell her. Because for one, I think people in a relationship should be honest with each other because that's what you build your trust upon, and two, if she finds out on her own it's probably going to destroy whatever you've managed to build with her up anyway, with probably no chance of you two ever working things out between the two of you.

    • Thanks for your answer.
      I want to get back together with her because im sure that i made a big mistake. We fit perfectly together, even in our 15 months together, we never had one fight.
      It was my stupid decision to break up with her because i wanted more "experience" in sleeping with other girls, didn't think i was ready to be settled down at 20 years old, but i have realised my mistake.

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