Help please! My ex was friendly then cold?

So my ex and I have been broken up for like 3 months now. I still care about her a lot. Right after the break up, i tried to fight for her once and went straight into no contact. We see each other a lot as we go to the same gym.

I saw her last week Friday at the gym. Walked around topless, and she commented saying "trying to give a free show?" I replied, "the show is only for you" and walked away. She kinda chased me down saying it wasn't very nice. But she definitely liked it. After we were done going a class at the gym, I trained some more with my buddies. Seemed as if she waited around trying to talk to me.

I don't see her for a few days.

When we were together, she met one of my friends. I decided to bring my friend to the gym yesterday. She completely ignores me. In fact, she looks really upset at me for some reason. But when my friend comes to the gym, she was very friendly with him and greeted him. Obviously, this was intentional.

I didn't do anything wrong during those days I didn't see her. Other than not liking her instagram post but like really?

Why? Thoughts?


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