How do breaks work? Should I expect this?

so my wife and i are in a braek but i find myself missing her more than i first thougt. Even though we both wanted to spend time together it caused us to feel unhappy with ourselves. We're happy to be together, we're still in love but we both feel like we let ourselves down as individuals. What should I do when in a dark place? Like how do I pick myself up when I feel low?


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  • Okay I know I'm young and not as experienced but hear me out. Maybe get a hobby, go out with friends, or just find stuff that occupies your free time. Find something to get your mind off it or find a peaceful place to think it through. I don't know if anything I'm saying it good advise but it's just my opinion.

    • yea I get that but I have an injury in my foot and I have a fever. so all day today I can't sleep or do anything. life basically forced me to be alone with my thoughts

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    • thanks that sounds like a plan

    • Glad to help :)

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