Feelings for my ex?

I was in a long distance relationship with a guy for 3 years. I went to school with his cousin and she introduced me to him and she always said how we should date because we would make a cute couple and stuff, so eventually me and the guy talked and become close, would Skype and we would talk once a month. now I don't want to seem crazy but I fell in love with that boy. I sent his Christmas gifts and I would write him paragraphs on how much I loved him, but he never done anything back to me. do you guys think he actually loved me? or was he just dating me because his cousin told him too?


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  • I've been in a long relationship before. and honestly regardless of your age. There has to be some physical communication meaning face to face. long distances never work out if the two of you don't put enough effort to SEE each other. and the thing is love is a tough word to throw out there if you're saying they you guys would talk once a month. But still, I can feel you're close to him :]
    The thing is, he may not be at the same level as you. and you should understand from both sides. some things are worth learning from. and this should let you know there are better guys closer to you that would make an effort to physically meeting you. talk to him though about it, I hope you and your guy work things out. :]

    • I appreciate it but I would try to talk to him he would never reply. it was weird tho we broke up because he dumped me and I asked him a year after that and he said he dumped me because his life was going downhill and he didn't want to drag me in it

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    • thank you so much

    • 🤓👌👌👌 **dab**

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