He won't tell me why he doesn't want to be with me anymore?

I have been seeing this guy for about two months now. We had been friends for about 2 years as I used to date his best friend, and a couple months ago we were drinking and talking and one thing lead to another.

Things have been a little dramatic, my ex isn't too happy about the situation, but also I have this male friend that we both hang out with and he seems to be very jealous of this relationship that has developed with me and my boyfriend. It is stressful and makes us fight.

About a week ago I told him I didn't want to do it any more and that we needed to stop before we hated each other. A week went by and we ended up hooking up any way. We had amazing sex last night and he was being perfectly fine. My guy friend that is jealous got really angry and kicked me out of his house. Today, I drove by my jealous friends house and saw my boyfriends truck in the drive way. I texted my boyfriend to see if he wanted to meet up later and he told me that he didn't want to see me any more. At first he said it was because "he didn't want to just f*** any more." and then later he said I liked him too much. It was two pretty conflicting reasons, and I don't want to break up now that he does lol.


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  • Break up? You two are just friends with benefits, I'm not sure you can really "break up".

    I'd say it's probably a combo of why he wants to end things. First, like he mentioned, all you two do is have sex. He's bored of just having sex with you and wants an actual girlfriend. Second, there is too much drama and baggage in this "relationship" will all of these other guys. It sounds like he is choosing his friendship over sex with you.


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