My girlfriend of 5 years cheated on me twice, I just can't get over it. :(?

I've been dating her for past 5 years, she cheated on me last year,, (which i found out) in reaction to which she literally cuts her wrist cries for 2 months straight and was extremely guilty about what she did.

Considering she loves me but made a mistake i hugged her forgave her and we both promised to live happily ever after.

Last months she again cheated on me i found it and brokeup with her, she said she didn't want this relationship she needs freedom etc etc. I returned all of her gifts that she gave me i was broken (litterally and showed it i front of her!) she is guilty (because she knows how much i love her) but doesnot wants a relationship back. I just can't get over what happened. May be i loved too much and gave a lot for this relationship

Just wnt to know :

-wht is going on in her mind
- what options do i have.
-how to get over with the depression and trauma im dealimg from past 10 days.

I just:
-cant eat - can't study - can't work - just keep on flashing memories in my mind and get depressed 24*7

Need help :(


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  • It's only been 10 days. Obviously will be depressed. She probably is thinking about what she's done, mixture of emotions. But the end of the day you can't fix it regardless so you have to move on. Let yourself grieve etc then keep busy.

    • I constantly feel an urge to call her up, talk to her, listen to her voice, should i?

    • I wouldn't. It'll only make you feel worse and her not want to talk to you more

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  • Try to meet other girls. That will help you to forget it a little.

    Surely she is just like you, but do not call her! The sad thing about love is that the person who loves the most is the one who suffers the most, if you continue to show that you are more interested in her than she is in you, she will continue to make the same mistake.

    Be strong and do not call her.

    Sorry my bad English xd


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  • It sounds like you both need a break. She doesn't know what she wants and I think she needs time to go figure it out.

    • We both need time?

      Even though i was the one to breakup.
      Im weak i need her. Now.

      But she is quite certain that she doesnot wants to be in any relationship.

      Never said she needs time

    • She needs to work out her own issues. I understand that you miss her but you need time too. You're just going to need to figure out a way to cope.

  • you should find new hobbies to do in order to kep your mind busy
    and also try and feel hatred for her.. you'll move on easier

    only time will help

  • You need to talk to someone, I recommend a therapist. Breakups are never easy! But 5 years is a long while. You have invested so much time and energy into that person only for them to throw it away. Accept what you're feeling is normal and cry all you want. Just don't cry too long. Talking with someone may be the best bet. If she did this twice she was never the one for you. You did what you could for her but she couldn't reciprocate those feelings back. Accept that getting over it will take a while but use this time to find yourself again.


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