My partner called me "stupid" in the middle of a heated argument. What should I do?

I must note that this happened a while ago, in November. He never did it again after that, but never apologized. In fact, he has always called me smart and praised me in every single way ever since. He was also drinking a glass of wine that night, so I'm not sure if the alcohol had anything to do with it.

Is it worth ending the relationship over this event that happened a while ago? Is there a strong likelihood that he will insult me again or was it just a heat of the moment insult that he didn't mean?

I posted the same question a while ago, but wasn't getting any responses so I'm asking again.


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  • It happened 10 months ago and it hasn't happened since, being called stupid isn't the most offensive thing you could be called so I think you should just get over it.
    Being called stupid really isn't something to be breaking up over but if you're feeling like that then it's likely you have other underlying relationship issues.

  • things get said in arguements. it will probably happen again.

    • why do you think that?

    • people get angry and say things they dont really mean

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