I was dating someone for 7 months we were living together like a married couple and I got broken up with and left with no reason... what's up?

The person now flirts with others on Facebook because I have the persons Facebook account and they know that I can see it, but this person has blocked off everywhere and refuses to have contact with me but also cannot tell me that it's over for good and I should move on... does this person have intentions of coming back or is it over and the persons interested in others... please help


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  • Does he have intentions of coming back?

    Would you want someone who did that to you to come back? I know I wouldn't!

    I have no idea why he just up and left. I certainly wouldn't expect him back. This guy is very petty and can't stand up like a man to speak to you about why he no longer wants to be with you. But he's willing to rub your face in his flirting with other girls. In my opinion... this guy is a total jerk.

  • I wouldn't sit home waiting if I were you...

    • Ok but why is this person flirting for me to see, they could do it privately I don't get that

    • Trying to rub it in, don't know.

  • You obviously took living together like a married couple too far and actually started acting like a typical housewife. He was lucky in that he wasn't legally shackled to you so he split. Good for him


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