Why does my ex girlfriend play games?

We broke up 3 months ago. I went straight into no contact. Although I see her a lot at the gym.

She is always on this hot & cold cycle. One day, she would tease me. The next, she would be cold and bitchy.

Last Friday, I saw her at the gym. Trained topless for a bit and walked next to her and she said "giving people a show?" I replied, "the show is only for you". In a playful way, she told me that wasn't very nice. After the gym class, it seemed as if she was trying to talk to me but I had more training. Also kept her gym bag next to mine when there usually a lot of other spaces.

weekend passes and she post some Instagram photos. I didn't like it but I like some of. Our mutual friends photo.

saw her this past Tuesday, comepletwly bitchy and fully ignores me. KEEPS HER GYM BAG NEXT TO MINE.

when she was with me, I introduced her to a friend of mine. I brought him into the gym on Tuesday and she greets him.

what is her attitude all about?


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  • I suggest joining a different gym if she bothers you so much. Or just don't talk to her at all.


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