Is he overreacting and looking for an excuse?

Okay, so, we broke up because I went into his Facebook account and didn't admit that it was me. I managed to recover it someway. In the past, I even had his password and when he's at work he would leave his laptop around. So, I can go to it anytime. But when I did it recently he was SO MAD at me that he broke it off with me and threatened to report it to the police. He is also said that if I don't stop contacting him, he will issue a restraining order against me. Mind you my last contact was me admitting that I access his account (since I told him it was a friend of a friend), because I felt so guilty for bringing my friends into it. I felt so guilty that I even went to the police station to confess about it. I told him I did that but he didn't believe me at all. All my friends told me that he's overreacting and just looking for an excuse to break it off with me. What do you all think? I know I'm at fault and I've apologised but personally I think he's taking this too far!

P. S: He cheated on me in the past (he said what I did was worse than cheating, I mean really?) and no, because I snooped around, I don't see him seeing other girls.
Is he overreacting and looking for an excuse?
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