Does my ex boyfriend will come back to me if I stopped chasing him?

I think my ex boyfriend over me , he didn't try to make me back again with him.. after break up I added him again and I he said we can be friends so I just did but after that I felt low like why we can't date again, then I deleted him because I wanted to move on but I couldn't I added his friend and I told him everything but my ex got angry for that and insulted me.. last week I apologized about everything I did to him but he didn't say anything to me like we can back or anything ,, what I have to do more:( I want him.


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  • dude, you guys should just start with being friends. if in the end he wants something more like you do then you can go back to dating but you can't just rush into it like that. and it's not like you'll did without him so yeah.

  • Gotta let him go. We can't always get what we want - and if you push too hard you might scare him away for good.


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