Recently broke up with my girlfriend, feeling down and low on confidence.. What can I do?

I know that it is best to hang with friends, exercise etc.. I do all of that..
but right now my confidence is not at its best, I miss my ex girlfriend (I broke up with her, very stupid decision)
Like how do i get on the market again? how do i promote myself to other girls, flirt etc..
i can't really explain how i feel, i am just so lonely and hanging with my friends doesn't make up for my former girlfriends company.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Accept this *hug*, and understand that it's better for you to heal than try to find a new relationship while you're still hurting from this break-up. Do some hardcore self care, lean on your friends and family for support; especially anyone who you can have a proper deep talk with when needed as opposed to hanging out in a 'having fun' way (though that's also important). Also cliche advice but try journalling, it can work magic
    I'm sorry you're having to go through this :( . I hope you feel better really soon <3


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't rush back into it. That's how you end up making stupid decisions (such as getting involved in the wrong type, getting with someone too hastily only to realize shortly after that she isn't what you want, etc).

    What you should be doing now is finding a way to come to terms with what happened and using what you learned in a beneficial manner. Spoilert, this doesn't happen overnight.

  • It wasn't very stupid, because unless you're calling yourself very stupid, something made you make that decision. You're just regretting it now because now you're starting to feel lonely and you miss her being around, but obviously she did have issues with her otherwise you wouldn't have broken up.

    Just give it some time, focus on yourself. Watch some movies, listen to some music. Just take your mind off it and just relax. Once you've done that point and don't find yourself thinking about her all the time, then you can go out and start meeting other girls.


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