I don't understand why my husband claims I never cared or love him?

He claims he acts the way he does (verbally abuse) because I act like I never cared. Of course I want to leave if he can have the nerve to call me a hoe every time we have a big fight then claim he didn't mean it but it's everytime, this last time he even called me a hood rat. How can he have the nerve to tell me I never loved him while he's always mistreating me w his words?


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  • Reminds me of my ex. Called me a hoe every chance he could along with some other names. Anytime he was in the wrong he would justify his actions. It's always poor them, you never cared for me when we all know that they aren't the most caring human beings out there. Always put us down and calling us out of our names but somehow they are the victims. Divorce this guy while you are still young and find someone worthy enough to spend the rest of your life with. This guy will only drag you down. Believe me...

    • This is exactly what I go through everyday!! Thank u we have a kid together &Iive together i want him to move out but he won't he said soon wen he has a pl, & the only reason I don't call the cops because he's my daughters dad but I just can't have that toxic-ness in my life! &I I feel like wen he lives w me he manipulates me to getting bk w me &I that he's gana change but I never see his actions different

    • Oh yeah kick him out! He is toxic to you and your daughter. Yeah he can still be around her but having your daughter live in a home with a man who is so abusive to her mom, is not the best idea for a child. Kick him out and let him be man enough in finding a solution as to where he can stay.

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