How do you live with yourself after you fuck up your marriage?


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  • Pick yourself up!! Do it now or it could never happen!! Look at the bright side, not the dark. The dark will just drag you down. Lose those baggages and leave them where they stand. Start making new memories, and realize that no ones perfect. Well unless you live in a movie, or your Barbie or something.

    • Thanks... just so depressed and heartbroken

    • Oh yeah I can imagine that's no fun. But it can be. Maybe try your local church that's loads of fun!!

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  • The ONLY thing you did wrong was getting married in the first place. That's it.

    And the answer to your question is, you accept that you fucked up, you move on, and you make sure you never fuck up (get married) again.

    • why do you say it was getting married?

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    • Dang man... I thought I was a pessimist

    • You might be, I don't know.

      I know that I'm a realist. Does bad shit happen? Sure as fuck. Does good shit happen? It's possible. I don't dwell on the bad stuff that's happened. It is what it is, you know? I will be 100% honest about it, but on a daily basis it doesn't really effect me, so it's just whatever. It's there, it's happened, or it COULD happen, whatever. I know the likelihood of certain things, so I don't put myself in a position where those things could happen.

  • I didn't fuck it up. The marriage itself was fucked up

  • life is never certain... everything happens for reason, so we should reason out with optimism... fact is life will go on...

  • Thankfully I'm still married.

  • Hookers and blow


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