How do I get over her?

Long story short i asked her out in person she said yeah, told her i'd text her to set it up and no response.. took it as rejection and tried getting over her by ignoring her and avoiding her. We later ended up talking she brought up the place and asked if i went, told her i texted her and all she said was "Awww, you know i get a lot of people texting me" and changed the subject, asking me about my ex girlfriend. Didn't know how to take that so i went back to ignoring her.

So i been trying to get over her but for the last month she constantly says hi to me, or bye always staring at me or waving at me, i try sitting in farther areas and she'll walk by me and stop and stare at me & do a double take when she's walking away. I use to visit her all the time, and say hi back but now i don't, i avoid eye contact the best i can. But no matter how hard i try to not like her i just end up re-devopling feelings for her. (Sorry this is the first time i've dealt with this) :(
How do I get over her?
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