I tried to check on my ex, but he blocked me (he's the one how broke up with me) we were cool then he broke up with me without a full explanation 😭?

Ok so my ex broke up with me on June 6th I asked him what did I do and he said nothing it's just him 🙄 He said we can still be friends and I was hurt 💯 I blocked him on everything, but a month later I unblocked him. Two days ago on Snapchat he watched my whole story and on my story I posted my crush (I still low key like my ex though he doesn't know) he didn't say anything or block me and I also posted a picture on Instagram and he liked it. So today I hit him up on snap and said "Hi how is school" (we are in high school) and the next thing I know I'm blocked 🤷🏽‍♀️ I have a back up snap and I said sorry I was just trying to check on you and he didn't blocked that snap he just left it on read 😔 I feel dumb can some please help me because I don't fully understand 😭.


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  • Give it up. This is a valuable lesson. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it and the truth is his feelings changed.

  • He's a waste of time. Don't feel dumb, just don't message him, you're just making him cocky.


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