Will he come back?

So basically my babe & me been on and off for 5 years but we recently got serious in 2016. Long story short he hasn't been behaving. He always tries to make me jealous with flirt with other woman. Last Monday I caught him talking to this chick that lives right across from me. So His bday was last Friday and I didn't want to mention that I saw him cause I just happen to see if through my window but I bought up another situation. I brought up the fact that noticed that after I quit my job, he became distant so I asked him " if he bailed on me cause I quit my job and that I'm thinking of talking to somebody else. He got so mad and broke up with me! I've never seen him this mad b4. Do u think he'll come back? Help I really need some opinions/answers


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well, in a relationship "talk" is EVERYTHING. You know, doesn't matter if you talk about good or bad things, about how you feel, what's making you mad...
    Cause we can't understand other people just by seeing them.
    So, just tell him what's going on, what make you hurt.

    • Ok thanks for the advice

  • doesn't sound like a keeper if he is flirting with other women 😐 i would have serious trust issues if my SO did the same


What Girls Said 1

  • In few days u will know. just be patient honey.
    Try your best to get him talk to you but at the end he still doesn't talk then its his loss and wait if he will try the move next

    • Thanks a lot for the advice Hun

    • This Friday will make it a week 😩

    • its just his ego. if he really loves you then he should be ready to put it down for the lady he loves. if he don't then he is just immature

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