Should I contact my ex's mom?

I don't want to go behind her back, but she is worrying me. She is in a downward spiral and I'm not sure if her mom knows at all. We will never be together again but I still care for her and want to see her succeed. Good or bad idea?


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  • you can call her mom but make sure to tell her not to tell your ex that you called. chances are your ex will find out and lash out at you. personally, I would forget about her entirely. her life is governed by herself and the choices she makes most likely won't change if her mom speaks to her. I'm assuming this girl is proud and knows what she wants, if that's the case, she won't change until reality kicks her ass. the universe will deal with her accordingly based on simple natural and moral laws.

    • *thinks she knows what she wants

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    • Thanks man. Chances are i would just get into a situation where i get hurt by her again. No good deed goes unpunished. I love her but i need to let her go.

    • 👍 no problem

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