The next best things?

How do you move on actually? How do you forget your ex? Do you straight ahead and date someone after a breakup or what? please share you experience


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  • After being with my boyfriend on and off for over 5 years , i told myself i could never move on... i could never see the day i would be loving someone else, sharing my secrets and most sacred parts of me with someone else until it happened !! A month and half ago we called it a permanent quits. Moving on wasn't hard at all, because of story behind my relationship. It was time i let someone make me happy and take care of me instead of being used and abused !


What Guys Said 1

  • Going through something similar here,

    How you move on basically depends on why you broke up.

    Bt in general, there are few things you can always do.

    Get involved into something,(or a lot of things)
    Go, hit the gym, find a new hobby, go on a trip. Or get another girlfriend

    All of the above mentioned things are just to ensure you dont have any spare time to think about her, rest assured time will do its work,

    But Just make shure you spend that time wisely by not thinking about her

    by the way if you want someone other right now, i hope that will work wonders.


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