Heartbroken.. Do guys usually come back if they break up with because of their siblings not liking you?

I was with boyfriend for 3 years. We lived together, talked about marriage and all that good stuff. His sister and her husband hated me. No real reason for it, maybe a jealousy thing, maybe envy. I am not to sure, nothing they ever said made sense on why they didn't like me, everybody likes me i get along with everybody. Anyways the husband, yes the husband the in-law! made things really hard on our relationship, talked horribly about me to all my bf's family. even though the family didn't believe anything the two of them said it still made it hard for me to come to family events, it added a lot of stress, and drama and my boyfriend didn't know how to handle it. So after 3 years he decided to break up with me, he says he didn't want to but the situation wasn't fair to me or him, and he didn't know what to do and it was breaking his sister. His sister got really depressed and suicidal. To me I feel she was depressed because of her husband, he's a real narcissist. boyfriend said if something happened to her he wouldn't be able to live with himself, and he doesn't want to lose me either but he really doesn't know what to do anymore, and he needs to figure things out. He said after he figures things out hopefully we can reconnect. I said no. I am not waiting around for you, and I told him how i felt he was making a mistake. He said he knows he is, but really just needs to figure things out. I am older and i know things happen and there is always someone else around the corner, but really how to you just move on from something that you thought was it for you? Especially if you didn't break up because of your relationship being bad, it was outside influences that just made to much stress for any of us to handle. I know guys usually always come back around at some point, but do they come back if they break up because of family issues? We haven't been in contact for almost a month. It just hurts and I know deep down I just to need to move on, but it's really hard.


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  • You want someone that broke up with you because their sibling didn't like you? Are you serious? At your age? That isn't the truth. Ever considered that? No family member will ever dictate to me who I can or can't date, live with or marry


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