My ex-boyfriend had a traumatic childhood and he's taking it out on me?

My boyfriend of 6 months broke up with me. He has done this many times but always came back mostly cuz i end up apologising. He's controlling and always angry and clingy. He swears a lot and gets angry all the time. The thing is he's had a bad childhood. His father physically abused him and abandoned him. His sister committed suicide and he couldn't complete his studies because his mother could not afford it. He's unemployed and i paid for everything while i was with him including his beer and cigarettes. He says he feels bad that i have to pay and that he's trying to get a job (not in an assuring way but mostly in a defensive way). He guilt trips me after breaking up with me till i feel sorry for him. He Calls me names and says he hates me because I'm not compassionate enough. I know i can't stay in this relationship but i still feel sorry for him. Is there anyway i can help him without being in a relationship with him.


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  • You should break up if you think he is being abusive


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