I got what I wanted but I didn't satisfy?

I lost feeling for her long ago. But still care for her. I wanna break up with her so little by little, I kept my distance with her. In recent days, we fought hard and today she broke up with me for real. I should be happy ofcause I got what I wanted, right? But instead I cried so hard and also, my heart is broken right now. I don't know why and I don't understand myself. Should I reconnect with her or live by myself? Advice me.


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  • you're not crying because she's gone, you're crying because someone you cared a bit about left you. it's absolutely normal. I think you need to build yourself and start enjoying life on your own.
    going back to her will seem comfortable, when in reality, it is utter toxicity. even if you plan to, give it a little time and then start seeing each other.

  • From what i can understand by my experience,

    You, my dear never lost feelings for her,
    You lost the charm and the fresh excitement of the relationship (which is very normal to confuse with loosing feelings)

    Now the answer to your question

    I think you should take your time, take a break.

    You'll realise within a few days whether you want her back or not. And whether you really love her or not (which may be you do)

    Take your time.

    That break will help you make a better decision.

  • you truly love her man. so you have that feeling. if you feel that she is very much important in your life kindly go and get her back


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