He is not answering my phones, if I post some photos will he get jealous?

We break up and he doesn't answer my phones... do u think if I post some photos will he get jealous?


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  • If he does become jealous, you don't want him. Jealousy is an ugly emotion. You are playing the wrong game. Make yourself more attractive to him!

    • How?

    • Let's start off with, what does he want in a woman? Don't go naming body parts.

      You just broke up! What happened? Who called it off and why?

      What does he like about you? What do you think he may not like about you?

      With that as a start, we should be able to come up with a few things to help you out. I assume you want him for a long term relationship. Is that right?

  • Depends on the photos and who broke up with whom. Usually a heartfelt conversation works better than petty tricks, though.

    • If I post photos that I'm not sad I'm going out with guys, or clubbing will he miss me?

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    • So do I think if I don't post any pics will he think of me?

    • Couldn't say for sure. I don't know him. If I at least saw a picture of him, I could probably guess, but I've never seen him.

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