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We dated two months (December-January) he was talking about being a couple by the end of it. His behaviour was consistent with his words. Then all of a sudden he pulls away because his ex girlfriend shows up telling him what he has wanted to hear in years. He was the one initiating the break up 8 months earlier, he had his time out with the guys and adventures with girls. When he told me the reason he pulled away I thanked him for being honest. The following 6 weeks he would initiate contact to talk through things but would pull away until one day he tells me that he would like us to spend summer together but he cannot give me a relationship although he really likes me because he does not want to do long distance. I told him that I was gonna leave the following week and he asked to meet the time I was there. We met twice and he then let me go without saying bye. One month and a half later I was already 2000km far from him but he texted me. We talked things through 3 weeks later. I ended up going to visit him 3 weeks after cause he said he missed me a lot and did think about it and suddenly LD was better than not having me at all. He said he pulled away because he got really disappointed at himself, he had promised himself to be there for me and had not been capable of. He knew that was hurting me but he never lied about his feelings. He did not pull away from me but from his responsibilities toward me. I have the feeling he always felt inferior to me but I never did anything to make him feel that way. He said he never felt so free/cared for (bad childhood), even sexually it felt great. When I was over he asked me to be in a relationship (he is moving 2h flight from me until may then on another continent), I felt he might have another girl. Today his Instagram gave me the confirmation. They went on vacation together and he broke up with me by cutting off contact after I visited. Why did he lie to me? Why ask/look for me? I was 2000km away from him..


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  • You should move on. He wasn't serious nor interested in you. Actions are different from words.


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