Is this being insecure and feeling inferior to your date? how would it influence the relationship? Would it cause him to pull away?

1) When a guy says he is sorry about his car although his car is perfectly fine (probably because he know syou are surrounded by guys with fancy cars as you go to a private school and he does not)
2) When he tells you he admires you because you are hardworking but that he would not want to work in the same field as you because you would fuck him up since he does not have your resume
3) When he asks how many languages you speak and then compares to how many he speaks and makes clear they are not as many
4) When he tells you you might find better and he is afraid of you are not finding him attractive enough
5) When he tells you about episodes that hurt his feelings in the past, I. e. a girl he really liked telling him that he was inferior to her
6) When you know you got different social background
7) When you talk in general and he gets defensive and takes it personally

Was he feeling inferior to me? Would that push him away and get him closer to another girl that he feels he can handle?


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  • I think it would cause lack of interest and trust

    • Do you that the fact I mentioned mean that I am right about him feeling inferior?

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