Stuck please help me how should I act?

I was kinda unsure about a guy so I told him I didn't want to talk to him. and then I reached out to him three months later and we talked for a while and things were going well, I felt like in some ways he told me he already loved me, but the problem is he never told me he had a girlfriend. and she found out about us and told us to stop talking. He basically told me that he plans to have something with me still, but for now he is with his girlfriend. I miss talking to him, I don't want to keep reaching out to him and cross boundaries in their relationship, but I feel like he's not happy either. because he never shows her off. should I move on or what should I do in the mean time try and hit the gym something like that?


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  • If he's with someone else and not leaving her then forget about him

    • do you think he's not interested in me?

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    • And in the meantime...

    • yeah your right

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  • Move on and Hit the Gym, Will talk about the future when that moment comes 😊😊


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