My girlfriend of 5 years dumped me and doesn't want to talk?

My girlfriend dumped me after 5 years. The problem is that I suffer from anxiety and she didn't know the all of the thing I went through. I was scared to tell her what I was going through. The problem was that I started ignoring her because of it. I didn't went out on dates. More or less I was ignoring her. I was her first love and I don't believe that she could do that. She broke up with me and now after a month she is still not responding to my calls or text. I wanted to try and resolve our problems. I met with a common friend and she told me that my ex is still very mad at me. The break up was strange and now she doesn't respond to anything. Unfortunately I don't know what to do. I wanted to marry her and now I don't know what to do. I tried to do no contact but unfortunately I failed. She still has thing at my place and if it's over I want to give them back.


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  • You need to give her time. If she wants her stuff back, she'll get it when she's ready to face you.

    As for you, you really should consider finding a therapist who specializes in anxiety and cognitive behavioural therapy. At the very least, speak to a doctor. You don't have to suffer with your anxiety alone. You can get real help. Otherwise these problems will keep happening in every relationship you will ever be in.

    • I am seeing a therapist. And she knew that I was seeing one. And I thought that she knew that was the problem and that was why I was ignoring her.

    • People are not mind readers. If you never talk to your girlfriend about what's going on with you, she isn't going to just know by osmosis.

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  • your holding onto the relationship. its not about you felt. she probabky knew u were hiding things and waited for you to open up. and instead pushed her away. she was unhappy and ended it. if she was that important to you. why didn't you do something sooner.

    best course would be give her some space until she is ready and to stop pressuring her.

    • I was scared and I hoped that I can get over it. I know that I made mistakes and I am really sorry. The thing that I don't understand is why isn't she talking to me. I wasn't in a good place and I begged for her forgiveness but she doesn't want to answer at all.

    • because begging means she gets back with you cause she feels sorry for u.

      as much as you feel bad about what you did. u can't change that u did. i feel like this maybe a long time coming. and for her to move on and not be hurt she wants to cut u out of her life.

      only small hope i can offer is. if she is angry at you etc. it means she still cares, because it means u have affected her. so therefore she still feels something.

    • and if apologizing etv hasn't worked. its a bigger issue. u should give her time and space even though its hard. but her. u want her to be happy to right?

      and when she is ready, find out what was wrong and try to fix it. not for her but for you as well.

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  • Give her time. A month into it is not enough time for some people to cool down. You need to give her space and lots of it.

    • I am going to give her space. I love her and I hope she can forgive me.

  • do you still love her and want her back to your life

  • Well the things can't be a reason. As she'll only ask the mutual friend to get it. And you need to give her that space as there does come a point that someone needs to move on as too much has happened. And you telling her why might only be seen as excuses now.


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