I had an ex :/ weve broke up more than 1 yr and 6 mos already, i already moved on but the thing that i can't do is to delete our pictures together. He already have a new girl in his life, so i dont have time to think of him or either be jealous of them since i have a happy life being alone.

My problem is i think. I can't complete move on from him, cause i really can't delete all our pictures together

And im not ready to find new love or relationship it takes me time to be ready first


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  • break ups are hard. and there is no set time. and sometimes stuff can trigger u missing them and thinking about them. especially when your alone.

    try and meet new people. dont sleep around but. make new friends or start new interest. or even go on dates. dont force yourself to move. its something that just happens and when u look back your realise you did.

    i think for most people if u ever truly cared about someone that person will always be important to you in some way


What Girls Said 1

  • You don't have to delete pictures in order to get over someone. I have pics of all my ex's and it didn't make me not able to move on from them. It's still memories. If looking at the pics hurts, just put them away in a folder and don't look at them till you are in a better space and have moved on. If you're like me, you'll probably never even look at them again. Everyone recovers at different paces after a relationship but it is crucial that stop making them a "thing" in your life. Your ex should have no space in your life. Meaning no social media stalking, no texting, no contact whatsoever. And yeah looking at reminders constantly is also a trigger. It starts with a conscious decision to move on.


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