I am in a relationship with someone else and I got closer to one of my classmate. I like to be with this classmate & we r in a physical relationship?

I am in a relationship with this person (mango) for the past 3.5 years and lately i realized its not working out.
I have second thoughts about our relationship now. I became close to one of my classmate (apple) but he termed our relationship as "friends with benefits". I kinda started feeling for apple now. But i realized he is only interested in having physical relationship between us. I regret now that i have cheated on mango , who I Know loves me a lot and will never leave me alone.. what should i do now? I got lost at that time because it was a very difficult phase of my life , everyday fights arguments stress made me away from my mango and in that stupidity i committed a huge mistake.


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  • If you want to stay with MANGO then stop any contact with APPLE immediately and tell apple why you no longer what to be in a friends with benefit relationship with him. I also think that you did do a mistake with Mango. I would have advised you to tell mango everything but that would hurt him and stop trusting anyone who comes into his life and thats why i won't tell u to do anything. You have to figure out what you can do and how you can make up for what you have done to Mango. It will be hard but you have to do something


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