What kind of game is he playing?

Okay, so me and my ex have been broken up since January. Our relationship got really rocky in November and he met another woman, of whom he still has sex with. Me and my ex haven't had sex since January. He's been pretty cold and rude throughout this breakup but we've always kept in contact.

Anyways, this past week he's been coming over and calling me every morning, and throughout the day. He texts me all the time to see what I'm doing and he even sends me his location when he's home, I guess to prove he's home and not anywhere else. I don't ask for him to do these things.

Yesterday, we got into a huge argument because I told him I can't do this. We lived together and we were very intimate throughout our relationship, so I don't know how people can just be happy and ok with being friends like that. I told him I loved him and that I needed time to get over him. He Insisted we stay friends and today he's been updating me on his day and he asked if I wanted to hang out. He's still having sex with this girl and he keeps telling me he doesn't have feelings for me, but if you know your ex hasn't moved on, why insist on being friends? I'm confused and if anyone knows what he might be thinking or what kind of game this is, please let me know.
Also, by the way he's acting is there anything I can do if I wanted us to get back together?


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  • Move on, he is playing with your mind and feelings @baegielbae18


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