I think he's cheating?

so I met my boyfriend a few months back on a dating site

and we really liked each other and when he asked me out and stuff he told me that we both should delete that site because we don't need anyone else. so I did. and he did too. but today I was on there just seeing if he got a new one, and come to find out I saw him on there. its still the same one so I'm pretty sure he just deactivated it for a while. he hasn't logged on there since the 16th but I don't understand why he still needs it?

we have been perfect together and we never argued and anything until recently. like yesterday he came over and left so early because he said he was "irritated and couldn't stay at my house any longer" and like I always tell him I'm scared he's cheating and stuff and he always tells me he's not. and today is our one month and yesterday was seriously a horrible day for me cause we got in a huge fight and I'm just scared I don't know what to do. were suppose to hangout later so do I say anything to him or no? like what do I do?


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  • There are most times two explanation in every situation. Why don't you come clean and tell him whyyou are disturbed.


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  • well from what I see, you obviously don't trust him that much if you got on to the site, wich from what else I see is an insecurity

    • Yeah I know. I went over to his house yesetrday and he lives with his grandma and he told her that I think he's cheating and me and her had a talk and she made me feel a lot better. but yes thankyouuu (:

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    • I knoww thanks. I just sucks because I get jealous realll easy and I have verrrry bad trust issues and I'm sure he's not doing anything but like I don't know that and I get scared :/ and right now his damn xbox is more important then me :/

    • Yeah...i know what you mean...and well maybe he needs a little wake up call...say something to motivated him like I can't take this anymore or I thi nk I might move on...trust me it works

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  • It's only been a month and your this worried...not worth it get some new trust worthy guy...trouble in the first month jeez imagine your problems together after a year, drop him before you guys get serious I have a feeling he will find another girl on that site say bye girl !


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