Did I make the right decision?

Ok so I'll give you a background.. My ex boyfriend is a player. I sent nude photos, did dirty things with him (not sex), and dated him for 3 months. The reason we broke up confuses me to this day because eventually he wanted to get back (But he really just wanted to have sex). All this guy has is a sexual interest to me. After the breakup, I asked to still be friends because I was scared he would still have my nudes but then I realized he played me (telling me he loved me when he didn't). So I got mad and pretended to be his friend for 3-4 months after we broke up.. But then I started liking someone. So, yesterday I told my ex boyfriend that I liked someone and I think it would be the best for him to stop contacting me in respect to that since I didn't want the guy I liked to feel uncomfortable. My ex thanked me for being honest, wished me happiness with the person, and said goodbye... Was this the right decision to stop talking to him? In the past my ex called me "easy" and he hurt me but I don't know if I made the right choice. I think I did because who wants to be friends with a sociopath and I don't think the guy I'm going to date would like that I would still be communicating to a guy I sent nudes to in the past..


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  • Well to be fair you were nearly as bad as him. Pretending to like him. As isn't that basically what he did too? But it's good your moving on

    • I was mixed to how I felt with him. He manipulated me a lot and he's a sociopath, so I had to kick him out of my life especially when I started to like someone. But he sent me a positive message to my goodbye which was why I was concerned

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    • That's the thing. As you've basically said no he's probably moving onto the next one. So no point really overanalyzing it as you got what you wanted which is the other guy :)

    • Yeah you're right :) thank you. I'm just scared that he's going to try to enter my life again...

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